Cashmere Weights

PURE Cashmere

For twenty years, our passion has been to provide the most luxurious, super-soft, high-quality cashmere in beautiful contemporary styles.

PURE Quality

There are three recognised grades of cashmere used by manufacturers; Grade A, B and C. The grade and quality are determined by the length and fineness of the fibres which can vary due to the region from which the cashmere is sourced, the age and type of goat it comes from and the season the cashmere is collected. At Pure we only use Grade A cashmere.

Most goat breeds can produce downy hair in varied quantities and may be called Cashmere goats, but the best cashmere comes from animals that live in Inner Mongolia, high up in the Himalayas where it gets extremely cold in the winter. This produces a need to grow the longest finest hair. The goats have an outer coarse 'guard' hair that protects the downy soft cashmere undercoat, The cashmere hairs are hollow and very fine, so they trap air which keeps them really cosy in the cold climate. The colder it is the longer the undercoat will grow.

Garment Repair Service

Minor repairs are carried out by our specialist team, including holes, snags and general wear and tear.
Carefully de-pilled and de-fuzzed.
Gently washed using our specialist cashmere wash.
Stains removed.
Steam pressed to shape.
Returned to you within 2 weeks.
Free delivery and return.
£50 per garment.

Grade A: Pure Grade

The longest and finest fibres create the highest quality of cashmere. The diameter of the fibres can be as low as 14-15.5 microns, with a length of 34- 36mm. This high-grade cashmere will feel the softest and retain its shape even after handwashing, producing a lifelong garment and a true investment.

Grade B:

A thicker and coarser fibre than Grade A, with a diameter of 19 microns. This is still considered a high-grade cashmere but will be noticeably less valuable and durable compared to Grade A.

Grade C:

This is the lowest quality grade for cashmere, as the fibres are much thicker with a diameter of around 30 microns. It is much cheaper than the other grades, and not as soft.