How to wear COLOUR

Award-winning Colour Analyst and Personal Stylist Karina Leacock from the House of Colour shares her top colour tips…

At Pure Collection, we believe there’s space in every wardrobe for a beautifully made piece of signature cashmere. The divine softness and indulgent feel of our sweaters are beyond compare.

Colour has always been a constant source of inspiration for our cashmere collection, and never more than this season where we have taken style cues from the international designers who have made colour a huge trend for winter. We have a kaleidoscope of colours to suit every skin tone, creating looks that are versatile and work across all your wardrobe needs.

Choosing the right colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us. Colour is a wonderful tool for giving your look an instant boost that works for any occasion. We caught up with Yorkshire based award winning Colour Analyst and Personal Stylist Karina Leacock from the House of Colour. Karina specialises in colour as a leading colour analyst and personal stylist who empowers and inspires clients to be the best version of their physical and authentic self through the smart use of colour and style. With a background in personal development and fashion, Karina supports her clients through wardrobe rejuvenation, often helping clients overcome lifelong insecurities. Karina proves that by dressing for your shape, knowing your style and wearing your most flattering colours is key to ultimate wardrobe success.

Discover ways to wear your colour as Karina shares with you some of her key styling tips in looking and feeling fabulous wearing colour, so you can look and feel confident in a colour that suits you.


Opt for an adventurous alternative to basic black


Navy blue really is one of the ultimate timeless classics. Elegant and more flattering than black, it also works with a huge range of colours, and depending on the shade of navy, can work in a contrasting or tonal way. Navy is a foolproof classic, but also features strongly in minimalist fashion with a more urban vibe. Pairing navy with white, or an alternative to white like pale pink, soft grey or cream can be a rather safe option. If you are a warm skin tone, try wearing navy with the earthy spiced oranges, rich cognacs and ambers, or for cool skin tones, the brightest magentas, cobalt’s and clarets. Don’t forget to style navy trousers with navy shoes!”


Brighten up your basics with colourful prints

“Everyone can wear plain block colours. It’s easy to add detail to accessorize and personalise your look. However everyone can also wear pattern too. Pattern and texture both add interest to the look, with pattern being very effective at disguising what’s behind it. If the print is more neutral in colour, like animal print or the chevron print shown in this skirt, why not add a splash of colour to add a pop of contrast?”


Master the art of one tone dressing

“For softer skin tones, colour blocking might be a bit harsh. Wearing blended tonal colours will look more luxurious and ultimately more flattering. The key to wearing blended colour is to stick with one colour, like green and wear shades of it together, maybe paired with an equally soft neutral. The overall effect is reminiscent of a Monet painting, where colours literally swirl from one to another effortlessly. Print and texture lean beautifully into blended colour, which is a easy way of achieving the look.”


Select a shade that suits all

“Universal red is the only colour which flows equally through the colour wheel and suits all skin tones. It works fabulously well with all neutral colours; black, navy, grey, tan and brown, plus for jewellery works with both silver and gold base metals. Red is an all year round colour, but particularly popular around our festive Christmas season. Nothing beats a luxurious red jumper and invest in a style with some longevity, which can be worn all year, not just for Christmas!”


Colour block your way to effortlessly chic style

“Fancy making a statement? Then why not try some colour blocking with statement colours. Colour blocking works best with bold, saturated colours of high contrast. You can approach this by wearing a bold bright and pair it with a neutral, or take two bold brights from the same colour group like deep damson and raspberry (as shown in the photo) for a really confident colour clash.”