Embrace your shape

Identifying your body shape is the first step towards understanding how to accentuate your best features. Looking good, and feeling good, is not about your size, your height or your age. It's about choosing what suits your shape, but still reflecting who you are and your own personal style.

Simply read the descriptions to find which shape describes you best and let us help you discover what styles to look out for, what to avoid and how to feel confident whatever the occasion.


You have an hourglass shape if: Your hip and bust measurements are nearly equal. You have a small and well-defined waist. Your bottom and hips are well rounded. You have larger thighs. When you gain weight it tends to be distributed evenly throughout the body.

I'm an Hourglass

Inverted triangle

You have an inverted triangle shape if: Your shoulders are noticeably wider or broader than your hips. Your shoulders will be strong looking and more square than rounded. You have little or no waist definition. You'll have straight hips and a relatively slim behind. Your body projects an athletic-looking physique.

I'm an inverted triangle


You have a rectangle body shape if: You have equal bust, waist and hip measurements. You have a small to average tummy. Straight hips and a relatively flat behind. A lack of curves throughout the body frame. When you gain weight it tends to be distributed evenly throughout the body.

I'm a rectangle


You have an Apple shape if: You have rounder, wider shoulders and less weight on your behind. You have an average to big bust and a wider back. You have fullness around your mid-section and little waist definition. Your legs tend to be your best feature and you have narrow hips. When you gain weight it tends to be most visible around your central torso/tummy area.

I'm an apple